Factory Reset / Hard Reset ACER A200 Iconia Tab

Hard Reset ACER A200 Iconia Tab. This tutorial will show you the easiest way to perform a factory reset operation in ACER A200 Iconia Tab. Remove all personal data, customized settings and installed apps from your device. Before you can use Hard Reset always remember to make copies of your data.

How To Hard Reset ACER A200 Iconia Tab?

  1. Firstly, turn off the tablet by holding the Power button.
  2. Afterwards press and hold the Volume Up button next.
  3. Then press the Power key for a second while still holding the Volume Up button.
  4. Release the Power key when you feel the tablet vibrate.
  5. After that, press the Power button in order to see the Recovery Mode menu.
  6. What you have to do next is press Volume Down to choose “Wipe data/factory reset” and then push the Power button to confirm the operation.
  7. Select “Yes–delete all user data”. Use Volume Down button to scroll and Power key to select.
  8. Select “Reboot system now” to restart your device
  9. Success!
  1. Turn on the tablet by using the Power button. 
  2. Go to Settings and then to Privacy.
  3. Tap Factory data reset. 
  4. Choose Reset device and select Erase everything if you are sure you want to clear all your data.
  5. Congratulations! The hard reset has just been perfomed!
  1. Switch off the tablet.
  2. Press and hold the Volume Up button.
  3. While still holding the Volume Up button press the Power button for a while.
  4. Release the Power key when the tablet vibrates.
  5. You quickly need to work the Screen Lock Switch as soon as the tablet vibrates (while still holding the Volume button).
  6. Good job!

Please wait a few minutes until your phone restarts and you must complete the first settings to be able to use the device.

When You Have To Hard Reset / Factory Reset Your ACER A200 Iconia Tab Device?

  • You wanna Erase All Data From Phone
  • Forgotten Security Screen Lock Code
  • Forgotten Security Password
  • Forgotten Pattern Lock
  • Forgotten User Code
  • Forgotten Phone Lock
  • If your phone encountered a software error
  • If Your Phone works much slower, than when it was new

*Using the Hard Reset is safe and should not cause any damage. After using this feature, your ACER A200 Iconia Tab device will have the software and set of applications as the moment they leave the factory.

Warning: Performing a hard reset deletes all of your user data, which includes pictures, videos, and music saved to your internal memory. Please make sure to back up your information prior to performing a hard reset.

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